Sweet Pickled Garlic with Herbs - Pre packaged

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First of all, the marinated Sweet Garlic is our best seller for a reason. It is pickled and marinated with a special blend of twelve herbs and spices. Which makes it a surprising and unique product due to the authentic recipe of Antoine’s family, founded and savoured by many in the South of France.

Our Sweet Garlic can be bought on our website and at our local shop “La Cuisine” as well as with nearby suppliers and at local farmer’s markets.

You can enjoy our Sweet Garlic the same way you would with our olives: as a snack, on a platter, cheese boards, salad, pasta, avocado toast or use it in your own, favourite recipe. Above all, The Byron Bay Olive Company keeps all the health benefits of garlic and manages to leave out the sharpness that regular garlic has. Therefore, we will not feel the strong aftertaste of classic garlic or the burning sensation in the mouth or stomach at all!

Without a doubt, it will be the perfect addition for your :

  • snacks
  • toast
  • appetizer
  • salad
  • risotto
  • pasta
  • dips
  • cheese or antipasti platters…

Find out more about how to use the sweet garlic following one of our recipes

Made locally with love & passion in Byron Bay