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Our Famous Olives


Our Authentic and Local Sicilians

Sicilians - Marinated in Lemon, Thyme and Rosemary - Jar

This is another one of our favourites! While there are a lot of different green olives, we chose Sicilian olives because they are less salty and meatier than others. We select the best locally grown lemons and make our own preserved lemons to give these olives their distinctive flavour. These olives are combined with preserved lemon, rosemary and thyme.

Chilli kalamata

Kalamata - Marinated in Chilli - Jar

Using the same type of olive, we select another mix of herbs from the Provence and add a tiny bit of chilli. We’re always trying to use the perfect amount of spices so that even those who aren’t that keen on a hot taste, can still enjoy our Chilli Kalamata Olives. When you try these olives, you won’t really taste the chilli until the very end. Made with black pepper and jalapeños.

Our Pitted Kalamatas from kalamata in greece

Kalamata - Marinated in Herbs and Garlic - Jar

The pitted Kalamata is among the most popular. We spice up our Kalamata olives with basil, parsley and garlic marinade, leaving you to taste the perfect combination of these herbs.   As a business specialising in marinating olives, we use a variety of spice blends for each of our olive types. We select the right herbs and spices depending on the olive's texture and its variety. 

Change this textOUR DRIED OLIVES

Dry Olives - Marinated in Moroccan spices - Jar

This is an unusual variety of olives in Australia – that’s why you don’t see them often but they are a beloved staple of the Greek diet. The texture and flavour is different from the original, as ours have a distinctive soft touch. These olives are delicately marinated in Moroccan spices and are perfect for cooking.

certified organic Australian cocktail mix - from wagga wagga, nsw

Certified Organic Australian Cocktail Mix - Jar

This mix regroups 6 different Australian Organic Olives: black and green Manzanillo, wild, Palermo, Wallis, and Corregiola olives. All of these olives are locally harvested from the same farm down in the Wagga Wagga area. Certified Organic, these olives are marinated with an exceptional blend from our chef’s legacy and contains about twelve different herbs and spices.

our preserved lemon

Preserved Lemon

A versatile condiment which can be used in many recipes.  We get our lemons from local farmers.  We preserve our lemons for more than 4 months and use a combination of French herbs and spices which evoke the flavors of Provence.  Ideal for fish, meat, dressing and tagines.

Byron Bay Olive products are great for:

Enjoy our product in platters or as a snack, in your pasta. 

Great for entertaining your guests or as part of your healthy diet. 

No preservatives or nasties, French cuisine made locally, in Byron Bay